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About This Website
If you are doing retirement correctly you have time for silly little endeavours.  This website is one of those silly little endeavours.  You won't find any social media here.  If I'm tweeting you know I have tippled a wee dram too many and am trying to imitate the bird songs I hear in our backyard.  When I Facebook you will find me with my face firmly planted in a book.  And when I'm LinkedIn I'm up to date on the latest neighbourhood gossip.

All the cats and dogs have their own email address and may even reply to your emails - just dangle a tasty treat and you are almost sure to get a response.  Those who are in the Dearly Departed section don't have an email address.  In my rather limited experience with the afterlife I've yet to receive a response, email or otherwise, from those who have thrown off these mortal coils, even pets.
Having Fun in Retirement
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